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Please see below for shipping rates.  These are a basic guideline and it should be noted that for smaller items (such as patches) or items which do not weigh as much as a leather jacket (pocket knives, tech sox, gloves), we will always try to give you the best shipping price available.  We ship via Canada Post but if you would like your items shipped through a different carrier, just note that on your order.  Each order is processed by a human being and we will always confirm the total with you before charging your credit card.  Please note that there may be times we have to split your order due to weight (maximum allowed by Canada Post is 30kg/66lbs) and therefore a higher shipping rate would apply, but we will advise you if this happens.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call - 1-888-580-4438 -  we're here to help!

Standard Shipping Rates:

 Shipment Value (before tax)

 Shipping Charge
 $5 - $50
 $51 - $80
 $81 - $110
 $111 - $150
 $151 -$200  $21.95
 $201 - $250  $23.95
 $251 - $300
 $301 - $350
 Over $350



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